Experiential Learning for Organizational Development




The Sestrana | MAG team includes well-received presenters and keynote speakers with experience addressing varied industries and professions.

Our presenters use their unique experience in the highly competitive, highly collaborative world of motorsports to capture the theme of your meeting and deliver an on-target message your audience is sure to find interesting and memorable.

Frequently requested keynote and presentation themes include Leadership, Team Building, Change / Change Management, Reliability, and Process & Performance Improvement.

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Recent keynote and program titles include;

1. "Fueling Your Championship Team"
2. "Ignite the Power"
3. "Shifting Gears: Why We Need to Change Now"
4. "Teamwork and Communication to Maximize Effectiveness"
5. "Lessons in Critical Thinking and a Culture of Continuous Improvement"
6. "12 Seconds to Reliability: Enabling Winning Teams"
7. "It Takes a Team: Driving Quality from Start to Finish"
8. “You Can’t Make Chicken Salad Out of Chicken S#%t”
9. "Accelerating Lean Healthcare Practices"
10. "More with Less: Living on the Edge - Quality with Velocity in Business"
11. "Racing to the Lead: Leadership and a Culture of Improvement"
12. "Accelerating Preventive Quality Maintenance - Solutions Before the Storm"