Experiential Learning for Organizational Development


Where We Do It

where we do it


Too busy for travel? Working with a limited budget? Organizational travel restrictions? 

There are many advantages in having us come to you and provide an event at your facility or nearby location. An on-site event allows enterprise immersion, eliminates travel expenses, reduces lost productivity and increases on-task training time. 


Ready to make a huge impact? Want to create a fully immersive learning experience?

Conduct your event in the Greater Charlotte Region. We coordinate your entire event using visits to race team shops, race track, museums, and other attractions that allow participants to see your message in action.


Have a geographically diverse workforce? Organizing a convention, conference, or company summit?

Coordinating an off-site event is a great way to maximize training exposure with minimal additional expense. Focus on training and minimize the distractions of the normal work environment with an event at a convenient destination location.